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Monday, August 2, 2010

Abstract Tattoos - Designing Your Own Piece of Art

Abstract Tattoos - Designing Your Own Piece of Art

Some of the best works of body art I have seen has been in the form of abstract tattoos. These are unique to the wearer and should be absolute one- off designs. If you can work to design your own abstract tats, then you can be assured that no one else will be walking this earth with anything that is quite like yours.

Many abstract tattoos use the tribal designs that are popular today. You can manipulate some of these designs to suit your body shape or the area you are wanting to have inked, and can change certain aspects of the abstract tats to suit your taste. Some believe that tribal tattoos fall into the abstract tattoos category, but to me, this is a category where you have free reign of the design and interpret it as you like.

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