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Friday, February 27, 2009

Where to Find Unique Tattoo Designs

great tattoo

Have you grown sick and tired of seeing on other people and wondering where they found the inspiration for their design?

Some people will have a rough idea of the kind of design they want, but are unsure about the specific details they might like to add to their , and could even benefit from just being able to talk online to other and wearers.

tattoo artists

Some websites even have galleries of tattoo designs that are so much better than the poor results that Google Images might return for a tattoo design search, and on some of these websites you can even print out designs from the galleries to take with you to your tattoo artist. There are even tattoo design websites that even let you combine two tattoo designs into one for something truly unique!

Other websites even have Video galleries that let you see great tattoo designs in full motion, which makes it so much easier to see the fantastic detail on some designs, or instructional videos that cover the basics of how to go about getting a in the first place.

Many websites offer Studio Directories that will help you find a great tattoo studio in your area. Either way, you can find great unique tattoo designs online right now and join in on discussions with tattoo wearers from around the world!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can’t Decide What Tattoo Design You Want?

are the ultimate in self expression. Different have different meanings.

tribal tattoo


Symbolizes belonging. The Tribal designs were by far the most popular, coming in with approximately one third of requests. Today, tribal body art is an appealing fashion statement, that allow people to show off their individuality combined with a bit of mystery.

star tattoo

2) Star Tattoos

Compass and nautical stars were very popular amongst sailors as they relied on stars to guide them on their journeys, so they used the tattoos as luck. The most popular places for the star designs are around the shoulder, ankles and navel.


Symbol of devotion, spirituality and faith. Angels are popular because they are very symbolic, representing many values such as peace, spirituality, and protection.


Strong religious symbolism. Popular as a symbol of faith, belief and hope. Crosses are popular because they can be effectively combined with other designs.


Symbol of spirituality and freedom. Wings are associated with angels, representing protection and guidance from above. Some wing designs spread right across the back, which look very impressive. A popular place for women to get a wing tattoo design is on the lower back.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Unique Tattoo Ideas

Many times people get the same tattoos that they see other people getting. Here are a few great ideas for a :

caricature tattoos

1. Comic Caricature.

While there are a number of common or out there already, there are also a huge amount of untapped cartoon caricatures that are rarely if ever seen displayed as tattoos. A great idea would be getting a not so common comic caricature tattoo.

abstract art tattoos

2. Abstract Art/Outsider Art.

There are many new outsider artists that create interesting drawings, shapes, forms, figures, and caricatures. Some outsider art tattoos are more simplified. Having a design made for you by the artist or buying one of his pieces could be an excellent unique tattoo idea.

3. Unique Tattoo books or collections.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to Find Tattoo Removal ?

tattoo removal

Plenty of consumers are seeking assistance, as laser skin treatments, , professional appearances and so on are growing concerns. There exist lots of methods to proceed in finding a good tattoo removal professional. There exist more sources than ever to find a great deal on tattoo removing assistance and also receive quality.

tattoo removal

Many people are seeking a great tattoos removing experts, but how will you proceed in finding tattoos removal assistance? There exist still other places to look for a tattoo removal experts in your city. Your local newsletters and circulars may also have deals on tattoo removing assistance in ads and classifieds. The Internet is an obvious but also underused method to find a tattoo removal professional.

You may search the Internet as many good area and city directories will have links to tattoos removing experts websites. Researching the Internet for " tattoo removal professional " or "tattoos removal assistance" will likely provide you with several options. Because laser skin treatments, clear skin, professional appearances are in demand, the Internet is a great place to also read experiences directly from individuals who have received great meetings with tattoo removing assistance in your city. Look at professional organizations like The American Academy of Dermatology, Canadian Dermatology Association, British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.

Examples include dermatologists, physicians, laser hair removal experts, nurses and others. With laser skin treatments, clear skin, professional appearances being so demanded, tattoo removing assistance is in large demand. And, saving money on tattoos removal assistance is straight forward if you realize where to search. A tattoos removing experts will likely provide good discounts and special deals. Because of the growth of tattoos removal assistance, you will find specials in any location. It is now possible to find a great deal on tattoo removing assistance while additionally getting excellent quality.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Kinds Of Motive Japanese Tattoos - page : 3

tigers tattoo


Drafts for Japanese pictures of these sovereign and at the same time strength defying animals were probably tigers who were introduced from India. The same as carps and dragons the tiger as a tattoo motive primarily is a symbol of strength and power.

suikoden warriors tattoo


The illustrations of many different Japanese artists to the adventures of these brigands were used as tattoo flash.

snakes tattoo


When applying a full body suit a good Japanese tattoo artist attends to combine snakes only with designs of blossoms which actually bloom at the seasons in which snakes do not hold their winter sleep.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kinds Of Motive Japanese Tattoos - page : 2

fudo myoo


The most popular Myôô as a tattoo motive is Fudô Myôô, the imperturbable one.

dragon tattoo


The best known japanese motive is the dragon, for sure. In Japan it is regarded as a luck bringing animal. It stands for an element which was of an enormous importance for the rice cultivation rice in Japan. Therefore dragons are highly respected and admired in Japan and weren't fought like in uropean tales for instance.

kois tattoo


In Japan, a koi jumping or swimming up a waterfall is a symbol of strength, the ability to assert oneself and success.

tamatori hime


In order to swim faster on her escape, Tamatori Hime cut herself and hid the bead in her own body.


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Monday, February 9, 2009

Kinds Of Motive Japanese Tattoos - page : 1

The most used motives with an explanation of their meanings :

hannya Masks


There is a concept of a hell in the Japanese Buddhism, but Hannyas are terrestrial monsters.


The best known story of a Hannya demon is the one from Kiyo Hime. Over the years Kiyo Hime developed a deep love to the monk but her feelings could not be returned by him. In the meantime, in the intoxication of its hate love, Kiyo Hime had transformed into a demon with the body of a snake and a Hannya head.



Kannon is a Bodhisattva of the Mahayana Buddhism. There are Bodhisattva with several different tasks. Kannon is the Bodhisattva of sympathy and pity. In Japan Kannon is represented by a woman, usually riding a dragon.


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

How to Choose a Tattoo Design ?

tattoo design

One of many designs to choose from Choosing a should be a thorough process. The more planning that goes into your design of choice, the more likely that you will enjoy your tattoo later in life.


Be happy with what design you have on your body. Most will help you redraw and redesign a tattoo. Many tattoo artists are also convential artists, or can at least reproduce a traditional drawing, sketch or painting onto your skin.Check portfolios, and compare old school, new school, naturalistic, asian, B&W, etc.

Choose quotes carefully. Consider carefully what body part you want your tattoo on. Try to get a printout of the design, and see how the design will fit against your skin. Use henna to get a version of the design.


If you don't like the idea of having that on your body, don't get a tattoo now.The number one tattoos that artists are asked to cover up, after homemade tattoos, are NAMES. The tattoo studio walls are not the place to trust when looking for a character. Often members of a family will get matching or complimentary tattoos. Often, younger generations will incorporate elements of older family members tattoos in their own designs. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo such, think about how big of an impact it had on you.

Don't be afraid to get a tattoo that doesn't have a deep meaning if you love the design. If you love Winnie the Pooh enough to look at him forever, get that pooh bear. Feet, hands, and faces need more touch-ups, and more attention to heal properly. Some artists refuse to do facial or hand tattoos on a person that doesn't already have visible tattoos. If you feel hesitant, either about the design or the artist, don't go through with it.

tattoo design


If you are getting a tattoo of a traditional symbol, you should know the meaning and history of that symbol.

Laser tattoo removal is very expensive, painful, and time consuming. In most cases it can completely remove tattoos. Tattoo cover-ups are cheaper, but find an artist that specializes in them. Tattoos can get infected, and should be washed and treated as wounds. Follow your artists aftercare instructions. Most tattoos will need touch-ups through your life. Using sunscreen and moisturising daily will help your tattoo look new for years. Be extremely careful when getting Kanji characters as tattoos if you've found the design on the internet or wall. Think before getting a tattoo.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

History of Tattoos In The World

world trade center tattoo

have been popular for thousands of years. All around the world, you can find people with tattoos and this widespread popularity is what makes the so varied in design and styles. Where did the tattoo practice begin?

Even as early as the Neolithic period (Stone Age), tattoos were found in Eurasia. Tattoos in Japan were found as many as ten thousand years ago. After the cuts healed, the remaining color made up their tattoos.

These early tattoos most likely marked some rite of passage that the person had gone through. Maori chiefs used their facial tattoo that described their identification as their signature on official documents.

world tattoo

This early use of tattoos to mark rites of passage or for identification has grown into more of an art form today. Tattoo artists today are known for their intricate artwork that they apply to the body. Many of these artists have fine art or technical art training, which serves them well in creating body art. Tattoos may be chosen to mark a rite of passage or for identification even today, but tattoos found today are normally more intricate and colorful than the early tattoos.

Due to the widespread exposure to the tattoo world via television and other media, tattooing has seen an increased popularity in the United States and other countries. This popularity has in turn caused the choices of tattoos and tattoo shops to increase as well. This dedication to detailing and beauty has made tattooing even more popular with people.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Tigers - japanese tattoo

tiger japanese tattoo

Although there were never any living in Japan, this majestic looking motive of found its way into the forming arts of Japan really early. Drafts for Japanese pictures of these sovereign and at the same time strength defying animals were probably tigers who were introduced from India. The same as carps and dragons the tiger as a motive primarily is a symbol of strength and power.

tiger japanese tattoo

tiger japanese tattoo

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