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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Tattoo

7 Tips to Get a

  1. Choose a Kanji character to represent a certain word or expression.
  2. Select a traditional animal from Japanese culture. Choose an animal whose meaning represents your personality.
  3. Incorporate the natural beauty of Japanese flora in your tattoo with a delicate cherry blossom, lotus flower or other floral design. The Japanese revere the serene beauty of the world around; if natural beauty is something you hold a deep appreciation for as well, consider demonstrating that appreciation through your tattoo.
  4. Take a page from other traditional Japanese landscaping elements for your tattoo.
  5. Use a temple scene or a rendering of the Buddha in your tattoo design if you want to pay homage to traditional Japanese spirituality.
  6. Place your tattoo on your arms, shoulders or back in keeping with Japanese tradition.
  7. Opt for a bold statement if you really want a tattoo in the Japanese tradition. A typical Japanese tattoo often spans the length and width of the back.

japanese tattoo

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Girl Tattoo Designs

girl tattoo

Girl Tattoo Designs Are As Unique As The Girls Who Wear Them

One of the most popular topics of conversation these days is how far women have come to gain equality. You may never have thought about it before, but one place you can see evidence of this social change is in the tattoo parlor. designs are becoming more popular and diverse than ever.

Women have become increasingly viewed as equal with men since they began to enter the workforce and breached gender barriers in ways such as getting tattoos. Today, girls continue this trend in many diverse ways, such as developing new tattoos, or coming up with new variations on standard designs. Many of the women around you have tattoos, even if you aren't aware of them. Most likely, many of your neighbors, friends, and colleagues have gotten tattoos. Find out from them what designs they selected and what reasons they had for choosing them. Their stories might provide you with some creative inspiration. The internet is also an excellent place to look for tattoos.

girl tattoo

People who feel timid or shy can use the relatively private method of searching the internet rather than asking around, and possibly being embarrassed by family members who are averse to tattoos. This method also allows you to find information much more quickly, and you will find several million ideas on the web. A tattoo is something that you're going to live with for the rest of your life, so you'll want to make sure the design you choose is a meaningful one. What is important in your life? A religious symbol, or maybe the name of a loved one? Those would both make great tattoo design ideas. When you are looking at tattoo designs, don't forget to consider where on your body this tattoo will go. If you are planning to get a tattoo, for instance, on your back, nearly any art design will work well. This location provides a flat canvas with plenty of room to ink the artwork. If, however, you have chosen a smaller body part, such as an ankle or a hip, think carefully about your decision. Your ankles are relatively small, and you don't want to pick a design that is bigger than your whole foot!

Many important choices are involved in having your tattoo done. Research carefully to find ideas for girl tattoo designs, and really consider what they will look like when they are applied to your body. Most of all, be sure that you select a tattoo that will have meaning for you and remain enjoyable for the rest of your life.

By Tim Croy
girl tattoo

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celtic Tattoos

Celtic Tattoos

Find the Unique Celtic Designs For You

Most people looking for tattoos are passionate about this kind of art. There is so much generic stuff floating around in cyber space. Celtic design tattoos originated in Ireland, Wales and Scotland. When Christians took over control, the tattoo cultures blended. A popular Celtic design tattoo is the Celtic cross. Many times you will see a Celtic knot around the middle of the cross where the two pieces cross.

Because Celtic design tattoos are very popular, you want to make sure you get a unique tattoo. Don't go into a tattoo parlor ready to get inked without a design in hand. Look through the books to get an idea of the type of work the artist has done not to pick out a tattoo design. Keep in mind that the tattoos in their books have already been inked on someone. Some of the best galleries have areas where you can upload pictures of your tattoo and people can comment on them. You can also join forums to talk about finding and creating designs.

Celtic Tattoos

An online tattoo gallery, specifically a membership tattoo gallery will allow you access to thousands of designs and you can pick and choose the designs that you want to include in your tattoos. It is best to pick parts of different tattoo designs that you like and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle to design your own tattoo. From a tattoo gallery you can have unlimited downloads of designs so you can print as many different designs as you want and look at them on paper instead of on the computer screen.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs

Tips How To Get Tattoo Designs

To get a tattoo removed you have to keep going back for multiple painful appointments until the tattoo is completely removed, talk about costly!

Read the seven tips on choosing your first tattoo design before jumping in at the deep end and then you can rest assured that you have chosen a that is right for you and one that you can live with for the rest of your life.

1) Choosing a Meaning

2) Get a small tattoo to start with.

3) Price of tattoos

Obviously the larger the tattoo the more it will cost you, that also applies to how much detail is in the tattoo as well, something that requires intricate detail will cost a lot more than just a simple shape or pattern, something to keep in mind for your first tattoo, especially if you are on a budget!

Tattoo Designs

4) Where to have your tattoo

Choosing where on your body to have your tattoo is an important decision!

If you have a job that deals with people it might not be a great idea to have a tattoo anywhere on your neck, hands, forarms or even your face! Best places to have a tattoo is somewhere you can either cover it up when needed.

5) Painful areas

6) Choose a unique tattoo design.

Choosing your tattoo design is a personal thing and you want to make sure to choose one that not many other people have so that your is very unique and personal to you.

If you take your time and choose the right tattoo design that's is right for you then you will be happy with your tattoo for the rest of your life.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Origins of Tattoos

origins of tattoos

Believe it or not but most scientist believe the origins of tattoos date back to about 3300 B.C. They believe that certain marks found on the skin of the , a mummified body of an iceman found in the italian alps, were considered tattoos back in his days. If their acceptance is true, these marks on his body represent the earliest known evidence for tattoos in history. All we know for sure up until now is, there are tattoos found on Egyptian and Nubian mummies dating from about 2000 B.C. Classical authors also mention the use of tattoos in ancient societies like the old Greeks, Germans, Britons, Romans and Gauls.

origins back tattoo

The tattoos we know nowadays were discovered by Europeans while exploring north america and the south seas of the pacific ocean. Their first contact with cultures like the American Indians and Polynesians also were the first contact of so called "civilized" people with tattoos. The word tattoo was first mentioned in James Cook's records from his 1769 journey to the south seas. The natives of Tahiti, this is were Cook's expedition went to, called the marks on their bodies TATTAU which was translated into TATTOO by Cook. Due to their exotic appearance, tattooed Indians and Polynesians where showcased at circuses and fairs during the 18th and 19th century all over Europe and the US.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chinese Tattoos Tips

chinese tattoo

I just saw a Caucasian woman with a that says, 'love birds' in Chinese. When read in the Chinese context, it means either you love birds or and you are a bird lover!

The Chinese calligraphy may look impressive, especially when combined with a Chinese dragon tattoo, but get it wrong and you may be looking like a clown with a puzzle tattoo instead. And by the way, Chinese tattoos are not Japanese tattoos.

For those thinking of inking the Chinese characters tattoos, I would suggest consulting a Chinese speaking tattoo artist before the procedure.

chinese tattoo

Chinese tattoos with just the characters or writing alone can look quite boring unless the calligraphy is done tastefully, which is rare unless the tattoo artist is trained to write and have practiced Chinese calligraphy for a period of time.

The Chinese phoenix tattoo is a very powerful symbol for women and the Chinese dragon is a good one for men.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Design Unique Angel Wing Tattoos

angel wing tattoos

It really is a shame that most people simply pick some random design for use in their next tattoo. There isn't anything special behind such a tattoo. No meaning, no personalization - just a boring design that everyone else who went to the same tattoo shop has. But what if you want more? It's no secret that angel wing tattoos are very popular with girls. Most tattoo shops have a couple of stock to choose from, but what we are trying to do here is give you a unique tattoo - something that nobody else has.

You don't need any artistic skill to design your own tattoo. To start the design process for your own, original, angel wings, you need to begin with a template of some sort. So fire up your web browser and start looking for images of angel wings that you can use as the foundation of your tattoo.

A quick search through Flickr or the Google Image Search will yield you tons of photographs, drawings, and paintings of angel wings as well as a multitude of angel wing tattoos from other people. Choose a picture that you like, save it to your desktop, and print it out.

If the tattoo artist is good, they will go in the back room and sketch their own design based on your original. Taking your own design is the best and easiest way to make sure that you get an angel wing tattoo like nobody else has.

angel wing tattoo

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Lower Back Tattoos

lower back tattoo

Myths Associated With Lower Back Tattoos

One of the most popular places on the body for women to get tattoos is the . tattooed. That's because there are a lot of myths associated with , myths The biggest myth associated with lower back tattoos is that the women who get them are promiscuous.

Women get tattoos (including lower back tattoos) for a whole variety of different reasons and most of a widespread acceptance of the myth that women who wear tattoos on their lower backs are sexual suggestion. Of all of the myths about lower back tattoos that are out there, this is Women are not the only targets of lower back tattoo myths, though. second to the myth about promiscuity is the myth that lower back tattoos should only be on women and not on men.

Lower Back Tattoos

Many men who have taken an interest in getting a tattoo on the small of Because of the other myths, it is believed that these tattoos A woman who liked sun tattoos might be pressured to look at sun tattoos that were suggestive such as a female-looking sun with long eyelashes and a winking smile.

Alternatively, she might be encouraged to avoid sun tattoos and get something All of the myths that surround lower back tattoos are based on the idea that the only people

society's men that she is sexually available. there hitting the bars and scoping out the tattoos on the other patrons. If you're in love with lower back tattoos and sun People will design of your tattoo.

lower back tattoo

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To Get a Body Tattoo

body tattoosIn the past, body tattoos seemed to be reserved for primal tribes out of the loop of civilization and sailors who voyaged far from home in quest of adventure. Neither of those lifestyles necessarily permeate today's culture, and yet thousands of people from every walk of life are choosing to get tattoos of one kind or another, and sometimes multiple variations to adorn various parts of their exposed skin surface. Young and old, male and female, and rich or poor can be seen proudly displaying words, images, and designs on shoulders, backs, ankles, and even the face as today's social climate fosters more tolerance of this tradition that was perhaps once forbidden or frowned upon in Western society.

Tattoos are made when the artist uses a sharp needle that has been sterilized to poke tiny holes in the skin to create a design of the customer's choice. Then dark ink is inserted in each hole to link the holes and bring the design to living color. These can be tiny rosebuds or huge dragons, depending on the client's choice. Some people decorate a small area of skin, while in others it may be difficult to find a square inch of un-tattooed flesh.

Tattoos are one way of proclaiming individuality. Some are interested only in this artistic expression on the human body, but others experiment with a variety of designs that include body piercing, implantations, and variant jewelry to accent the human-made artistry in a vivid array of hues.

body tattoo

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, look for a reputable parlor and someone who has received the license to perform this work. You have just one body, and tattoos last indefinitely, although they may need to be touched up from time to time. Take your time, check the local artists, and make a wise selection rather than rushing into something you may later regret.

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